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Air Clean Filter

Sale price¥9,680 JPY



Uses a high-performance 4-layer filter. Efficiently blocks PM2.5, pollen, dust, organic substances, and other pollutants contained in the outside air from entering the vehicle! Adsorbs and deodorizes odorous components such as exhaust gas odor, tobacco odor, aging odor, and pet odor! Furthermore, the special nano-Ag (silver) non-woven fabric has antibacterial and antifungal effects, and the high-performance filter cleans the air inside the car. Of course, the air volume of the air conditioner remains unchanged.

* Excluding the decrease in air volume due to dirt on the air conditioner filter.

Safety standard compliant product in Japan.

This product complies with safety standards, but does not guarantee vehicle inspection. Please note that the judgment of the inspector is prioritized in the actual vehicle inspection.

  Product Code Model Grade
Air Clean Filter for R50 Series 06611 R50 / R52 / R53 ALL
Air Clean Filter for R56 Series 06621 R55 / R55LCI / R56 / R56LCI / R57 / 
R57LCI / R58 / R59 / R60 / R61
Air Clean Filter for F56 Series 06631 F54 / F55 / F55LCI / F56 / F56LCI / F57 / F57LCI / F60 ALL
Air Clean Filter
Air Clean Filter Sale price¥9,680 JPY