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Low Form Spring

Sale price¥50,600 JPY



● Low down about 30mm without changing the ride quality

● Eccentric winding spring with reference to genuine

"Lowdown spring = the car is just only lower" -
Giomic uses a special spring winding method with an eccentricity that is based on the genuine spring in order to overturn this dogma. We started development with a new concept of controlling the spring reaction force that has a great effect on the stroke and succeeded in obtaining a performance area that was thought to be impossible by diversion of genuine shock absorbers. Please feel the best ride that you can't think of just replacing the springs.

Safety standard compliant product in Japan.

This product complies with safety standards, but does not guarantee vehicle inspection. Please note that the judgment of the inspector is prioritized in the actual vehicle inspection.


  Product Code Model Grade
Low Form Spring for F56 21133 F56 / F56LCI ALL except GP
Low Form Spring for F55 21134 F55 / F55LCI / F57 / F57LCI ALL
Low Form Spring for F54 21135 F54 / F54LCI ALL
(Excluding 306ps vehicles)
Low Form Spring for R56 21132 R55 /  R55LCI / R56 / R56LCI / R57 / R57LCI / R58 / R59 ALL


Low Form Spring
Low Form Spring Sale price¥50,600 JPY