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Performance Wiper

Sale price¥6,270 JPY



・Water repellent wiper
・ Set for vehicle-specific sale

Designed exclusively for New MINI Left and right set wiper blades

・ Aero form shape

By using the running wind, it prevents the blade from floating and firmly adheres to the glass surface. Improved wiping performance. At the same time, the style of the equipped vehicle will be improved.

・ By using special silicone rubber, you won't be afraid!By giving the silicone rubber a water-repellent effect, it has a good balance of water repellency, wiping and durability.Demonstrates an outstanding even wiping effect.

・ Water-repellent silicone rubber adopted. Unlike general water-repellent wipers, the water-repellent component kneaded into silicone rubber gradually exudes.

It forms a water-repellent film and strongly repels water droplets.

・Safety standard compliant product in Japan.

This product complies with safety standards, but does not guarantee vehicle inspection. Please note that the judgment of the inspector is prioritized in the actual vehicle inspection.


  Product Code Model Grade
TYPE A 06441 R50 / R52 / R53 / R55 / R55LCI / R56 / R56LCI / R57 / R57LCI ALL
TYPE B 06442 R55LCI / R56LCI / R57LCI ALL
TYPE C 06443 R58 / R59 ALL
TYPE D 06444 R60 / R61 ALL
TYPE E 06445 F55 / F55LCI / F56 / F56LCI / F57 / F57LCI ALL
TYPE F 06446 F54 / F54LCI ALL
TYPE G 06447 F60 / F60LCI ALL


Performance Wiper
Performance Wiper Sale price¥6,270 JPY