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Stainless Exhaust Silencer for F54CPS

Sale price¥190,300 JPY



● Gentle bass sound

● Covers everything from low to high revs

● Vehicle inspection compatible muffler

A sports silencer that meets the Accelerated Driving Noise Test (JQR) developed by Giomic, which has been pursuing a highly efficient exhaust system. By making a major review from the genuine layout, we not only emphasized the bass like a turbo car that adults like, but also realized the highest level of smoothness by replacing all the components immediately after the turbo catalyzer, exhaust. Is guided to the outside of the car more efficiently. The rear silencer part has been revised to a straight structure with independent left and right, and the original layout unique to Giomic that reduces exhaust interference to the utmost limit. It is tuned to easy-to-use torque characteristics from street to high-speed cruising. The silencer outlet φ90 (“Part No. 44271” for F60JCW is φ100) has a logo on the upper surface of the twin curl tail to create a high-grade rear view.

Safety standard compliant product in Japan.

This product complies with safety standards, but does not guarantee vehicle inspection. Please note that the judgment of the inspector is prioritized in the actual vehicle inspection.


  Product Code Model Grade
Stainless Exhaust Silencer for F54S (AT) 44251 F54 Cooper S
Stainless Stainless Racing Silencer for F54S 44252 F54 / F54LCI Cooper S



Stainless Exhaust Silencer for F54CPS
Stainless Exhaust Silencer for F54CPS Sale price¥190,300 JPY