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Sale price$29.20 USD


It is a set product of titanium and aluminum wheel bolt.
3,240 yen is the price of one bolt.

The titanium wheel bolts are available in two colors, while the aluminum wheel bolts are available in three colors.
They can also be installed in combination.

The required number of bolts for one unit is 16 and they can be installed on R55 / R56 / R57 / R58 / R59 and 20 for R60 / R61 / F54 / F55 / F56 / F57 / F60.

Bolt size: 17HEX M14 P1.25 29mm under the neck (aluminum combination wheel collar installed)


  Product Code Model Grade
【20pic】Sand Blast×Blue 53943 after R60  ALL
【20pic】Sand Blast×Red 53944 after R60  ALL
【20pic】Sand Blast×Gray 53945 after R60  ALL
【16pic】Sand Blast×Blue 53937 R55 〜 R59 ALL
【16pic】Sand Blast×Red 53938 R55 〜 R59 ALL
【16pic】Sand Blast×Gray 53939 R55 〜 R59 ALL


Titanium Wheel Bolt(Sand Blast)
Titanium Wheel Bolt(Sand Blast) Sale price$29.20 USD