Turbo Catalyzer

$1,192.30 USD
- Points
● The origin of Giomic

● Dramatically improves response

● Safety standard compliant catalyzer

Not only the response but also the power is improved, and the turbo catalyzer that draws out the original potential of the engine is a self-confident work of Giomic that condensed the technology in a compact size.

Safety standard compliant product in Japan.

This product complies with safety standards, but does not guarantee vehicle inspection. Please note that the judgment of the inspector is prioritized in the actual vehicle inspection.




モデル 型式
R55 Cooper S (AT / MT)  ABA-MM16
R56 Cooper S (AT / MT) ABA-MF16S,DBA-SV16
R60 Cooper S (AT) DBA-ZC16


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